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HYDRO’s IP66 rated luminaire shines in some of the harshest environments where architectural lighting is needed.


OmniCove was designed from the ground up to be Forum’s most comprehensive cove luminaire system yet.


We’ve given new life to a classic design. DRUM has been engineered with state of the art LED technology bringing this timeless design into the 21st century.


The Arc takes designers beyond the confines of linear forms. The Arc unlocks the designer’s imagination to create sweeping ribbons of continuous illumination.


The Alumina series by FORUM is a line of architectural grade extruded aluminum rectilinear luminaires.


A line of extruded aluminum rectilinear luminaires approved for wet location, allowing for design consistancy across wet and dry applications.


More than a decorative installation piece, Rings is as functional and performance driven as it is breathtaking and aesthetically inspiring.

Inverse Cove

A fully integrated vertical curtain cove system which creates a straight, clean curtain wall grazing cove every time in every space.


A line of hybrid steel housing/aluminum trimmed rectilinear recessed continuously illuminated luminaires.


Frame combines fundamental design form with the latest cutting edge LED technology. Minimalistic in form, limitless in application.

Klean Edge Cove

The Klean Edge Cove by FORUM is a fully integrated cove lighting system that provides seamless distribution with even light quality.


Wedge is a unique multiple illuminated plane profile fixture designed to be mounted either vertically or horizontally or pendant mounted


Reflection sets a new benchmark in value performance quotient while providing numerous distribution configurations and output platforms.

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