Luxe in Light

Onyx pairs precision engineering with an all-black material palette, creating the ultimate minimalist tool for designers to produce striking, luxe works of art.

All black everything

Onyx leave no red doors – the entirety of the Onyx luminaire is “painted” black, from the housing to endcaps, even the light diffuser. All while boasting incredible quality of light.

Infinite shapes and sizes

Available in rectilinear and custom curvature forms, Onyx can be custom-tailored to suit any architectural design. Onyx seamlessly transitions from recessed to suspended applications and is offered with a variety of accessories.

Onyx is the perfect solution for

Forum Onyx in Loft Office

Open Ceiling Spaces

Create a minimal aesthetic with maximal quality of light.

Presentation and Theater

Onyx’s low-reflectance black diffuser limits distraction in presentation, gallery and theatrical spaces.

Onyx in modern open office

"Invisible" Light Sources

When at ease, an Onyx light system disappears into a space placing all focus on architecture and interior design.

Happy Designers

Whether for presentation purposes, daylighting harvesting or when the lighting system is at ease, the diffusing material adds a first-in-class feel to any ceiling system. Forum’s unexpected architectural solution allows designers to conceal the fixture in plain sight.
- James O'Blaney

Principal, O'Blaney Rinker Associates

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